About Us

NMS Destination Imagination (DI) Team – Struck by Creativity

We are the student-led team that is hosting this new club. We’ve all been part of DI for four years. We have been working on challenges within DI that not only help us grow as student leaders through our creative problem solving challenges, but also help the community around us. This year we are helping NMS by creating a service-focused club to find other students, like us, who are passionate about helping make a difference to animals and the planet. We will choose various non-profits organization, both locally and globally, to learn about and support.

Team members: 

  • Milan Bellefeuille
  • Garrett Bower
  • Weston Finco
  • Maddy Fournier
  • Allie Jund


JOIN the Academy – DOWNLOAD application form HERE and apply now.


Academy Creator and Advisor, Janae Bower

I’ve been coaching Destination Imagination for 9 years. It’s a great global organization that provides unique opportunities to a small group of motivated students. I also wanted to create a highly-engaging and powerful way to inspire our middle schoolers to be their best. I designed the Inspired YOUth Academy as a way for developing student leaders to share their passion. I hope you’ll join us in our mission to provide a 5-star academy experience as this team shares their passion for helping the planet.

  • Contact Parent-Volunteer Janae Bower at 612.554.1367 or JanaeBower@gmail.com
  • For more about Janae, go HERE.